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RiDIF is committed to provide adequate financial support to women and children enrolling in TVERT at various level. RiDIF in corroboration with its local and foreign chapters and their partners, sponsors, corporate organizations to raise sufficient funds to supportselected women and children enrolling in TVET. The financial help comes into the following categories.

  • FULL SCHOLARSHIP: RiDIF provide full scholarship to identified students who need it the most by covering the cost of the entire duration of the programme and also cater for hostels and feeding fees, transportation, tools and materials, books, stationary etc. To help ease the financial burden on the student.
  • PARTIAL SCHOLARSHIP: RiDIF also provides partial scholarshipto women and children enrolling in TVET which help reduce the cost of fees and also ease the financial burden on students.Partial scholarships may also take care of hostels feeding fees, transportation, tools and materials, book, stationaries etc.
  • STIPEND: We also provide stipend to students either on termly, semester or yearly basis. Our scholarship packages take care of physically challenged persons without negotiations.RiDIF will do so by creating partnership with institutions who run such programme, corporate bodies for support either through cash or kind, government and other philanthropists.


RiDIF in corroboration with TVET institutions will deploy expertise from the academia, industrial, corporate world and people with experience in the field of TVET to train women and children enrolling in TVET through seminars and workshops on regular basis. The training will be done either through formal, informal or nonformal education and also on web-based instructions.

RiDIF will lease with corporate bodies and solicit for fund to be able to provide tools and materials for women and children who will be enrolled on any TVET programme across the country to help them gain a hands-on experience to equip them.


Monitoring has become one of the cardinal activities that keeps a project in line. RiDIF will therefore access the progress of students through monitoring and also evaluate their performance and interest in the programme to keep students in line. We do this to provide extra and needed assistance to students if necessary. To make it more efficient RiDIF will appoint institutional representatives also furnish them with students’ performance record books to keep track of students’ performances during their enrollments period and also help to acquire appropriate data to write reports to our sponsors.


RiDIF will provide startup capital for fresh graduates from TVET. This could be in the form of cash, tools and materials and any other method of assistance needed to help the graduates penetrate through the already existing market and create their market as well. Through this, we can reduce unemployment rate as they will also recruit and employ others into their profession.

Financial literacy is the ability to understand and effectively use various financial skills, including personal financial management, budgeting and investing. The lack of these skills is called financial illiteracy therefore RiDIF will arrange for a special financial training to the graduated students who have been given start up capitals to start their business. This will equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to manage their finances effectively.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) literacy will impact TVET graduates who have been given startup capital to start their business. This approach can lead to higher order thinking skills, provide creative and individualized options for graduates of TVET to express their understandings, and leave them better prepared to deal with ongoing technological change in society and the workplace.

Nowadays, you hear a lot about digital marketing. Mainly because there’s a lot going on in this industry. Things are changing very fast. We’re getting distracted from every angle. Technology is evolving. Consumer behaviors are shifting by the minute. All of this is creating a big challenge for marketers to keep up. RiDIF will collaborate with experts to train our enrolled students and graduates on how to use digital marketing and ecommerce to get the best out of it.

For a good health care, accessibility is a major key. Most of the women especially teenagers in the deprived communities in Ghana face a big challenge in accessing healthcare. hence, RiDIF will register pregnant women especially teenage pregnant women onto the National Health Insurance Scheme (HHIS) in Ghana for FREE. RiDIF will also provide free health screening for women and children on regular basis in rural deprived communities to reduce sudden emergence of ill health and reduce sudden deaths among women and children.